Create a Happy and Healthy
Life With Your Dog

with Cainine Caregivers

What if...

You could create the happy and healthy life with your dog
that you've been dreaming of?

Whether you have a puppy that you're looking to set solid foundations for or
you're living with behaviour and training issues that frustrate you and
you know they're struggling with too

You can learn from the professionals how to create a life where everyone
is happy, including your best friend

This offer includes EVERYTHING you and your dog

need to succeed with NO EXPERIENCE + start

enjoying life with your best friend again

$350 $499

Online Courses & Webinar Series

  • Comprehensive Online Puppy School - Everything you need to know about the puppy stage

  • The Five Pillars of Emotional Health - A guide on how to raise an emotionaly stable dog

    • How to Create Healthy Eating Patterns

    • How to Create Healthy Sleeping Patterns

    • How to Use Enrichment Effectively

    • How to Communicate Effectively

    • How to Ensure the Exercise You Provide is Genuinely Healthy

  • How to Introduce a New Dog to Your Home - Essential information for the first three months

  • Reactivity & Aggression Course - Understand why your dog is reacting and how to handle it

  • How to Prepare Your Home For Dogs & Children with Cooper & Kids Webinar Series

Short Courses

  • The Foundations of Training - Understand how training actually works

  • Dominance & Language - Learn how social structures in dogs really work

  • Understand Who Your Dog Is - Get to know dogs on a deeper level

  • Health Care & Exercise - How to care for our dogs health and know how and how much exercise they need

  • Ethics & Science of Dog Training - What underpins the most effective training methods

  • The Language of Dog - Understand how your dogs mind works and about their breed

  • How to Create Predictability - Learn how to help your dog in so many ways with predictability

  • Training Application - Learn the common mistakes people often make so that you don’t have to

  • Socialisation & Play - Learn how to socialise your dog and what constitutes healthy and unhealthy play

Community Support & Direct Access to Trainers

When you purchase this product you will be granted access to our community in which you will be able to meet like minded pet people and reach out and directly as our trainers, Ian & Dom questions on anything dog related and about course content

Who Is Suitable For This Product?

Anyone looking to gain a deep understanding of their dogs behaviour, set their dog up for a happy and healthy life and anyone looking to resolve unwanted behaviours effectively and ethically with the latest understanding of dog training and behaviour.

Who Is Not Suitable For This Product?

This product is a fantastic guide anyone with a dog and may prove to be enough for many people. For others it may be a great way to supplement practical and hands on guidance with a professional.

What Exactly Is This Product?

This product grants you access to a library of webinars and courses designed to set people up with a deep understanding of training and behaviour as well as skills that can be applied in real life situations.

Are There Any Ongoing Fees?

No. You pay the $350 once and receive everything you need to get started and that’s it.

How Long Does My Purchase Grant Me Access?

For a lifetime! One purchase grants you lifetime access to the courses and community. Meaning you can learn at your own pace and revisit any content you like, any time.

Can I Get Tech Support If I Need It?

Absolutely. You can reach out to us in the community and/or via email and we are always happy to help.

Can I Ask The Trainers Questions?

Yes! We are so happy to answer questions about anything dog related in our Facebook community page. You can ask us questions related to your own dogs, dogs in general any questions related to the courses and content.

What Is The CARE Approach?

C.A.R.E. is an acronym for Communicate, Advocate, Relate and Enrich. These four principles underpin everything when it comes to training, behaviour and living a happy and healthy life with our dogs. Check out below where we unpack this further.

Frequently Asked Questions

Hi! We’re Ian & Dom

We are the Co-Founders of Canine Caregivers

Both Ian & Dom are independant dog behaviour consultants based in Sydney that have come together to create the C.A.R.E. approach to training and behaviour and co-found Canine Caregivers.

We have helped thousands of pet owners around the world and coach fellow professionals on the techniques taught in the Canine Caregivers platform.

Our goal is to create a platform that supports people with dogs in creating happy and healthy lives by making the information that underpins everything we know and teach in our every day practices easily accessible from anywhere in the world.

We truly believe that with the right information we will improve the lives of both ends of the leash

Down from $499 this one up-front payment of $350 and the product is yours forever to creating a happy & healthy life with your dog!

NO hidden fees
& NO upsells!

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